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TouchConsole Pro is a fully featured, extensible debug console for Unity. It's been designed to be enjoyable to use on mobile, desktop and in the editor. It's based closely on a console that's been invaluable in the development in a number of successful mobile games, so hopefully it'll work well for you too!

Key Features

See log messsages and exceptions while the game is running on device Get notified when an exception occurs Filter the list to only show messages you care about Search the list to find messages that match a string Email a searchable, filterable log including screenshots and game data (see here)
Enter commands that modify your game however you wish Auto-completion of console commands and parameters Remembers your recently entered commands Provides a really simple system for adding your own commands (see here) Looks good

Design Ethos

Designing this kind of interface for small touch screens is tricky - there's a lot of information you want to see in context, but not much screen space to show it on. I've carefully designed TouchConsole Pro with this in mind, for example:

I've tried very hard to make the TouchConsole Pro a pleasant, user-friendly and functional experience across all devices. If you think there's something that can be improved or a feature you'd like to see, please do let me know!